About Us

The Martial Arts Parents’ Association (MAPA) was envisioned by the martial arts Grand Master, Zulfi Ahmed. An idea to better connect the martial arts’ community was brought into reality by the 10th degree, black belt Maestro Zulfi and his circle of notable martial arts gurus across the globe. Grand Master did not only contribute towards martial arts through initiating MAPA, but he has also launched other similar organizations such as the world renowned, Bushi Ban International. Other few to name are the World Martial Arts Summit, The Asia Pacific Hall Of Fame, and Black Belts America etc.

It has been observed through the ages that parents have been struggling, or going through a hard time aligning their busy lives with their children’s martial arts activities. At times, parents may feel like they do not connect with martial arts because for reasons such that they never had the time nor the interest to pursue it back in the days! Not only does this drawback impair the whole purpose behind the recreational pastime, but also may discourage your child pursuing martial arts! Since decades, the Martial Arts Masters have been invariably troubled by this setback, and eventually this evoked the need to rectify the unfortunate reality!

The visionaries came together, and created a globally accessible resource which would encompass substantial material related to martial arts. MAPA’s mission is just not limited to assisting any dubious parent out there, but also to elevate the martial arts experience in depth by simplifying and enriching it! They are aspiring to educate masses about the attributes, benefits and true value of martial arts.

MAPA is a one stop solution for both parents and students in pursuit of martial arts. The visionaries behind MAPA have a glorious dream of promoting Martial Arts globally. And elevating the overall experience for not only students of Martials Arts, but parents in specific! At MAPA, we are striving to provide information (whether being embodied in script, or through taped tutorials) that formulates up to a sufficient go-to resource for every martial arts parent and student across the Globe!