Q) What is this website about?

A). This website serves as a go to resource of Information and a Library of subjects related to Martial Arts Training, it’s Learning Process, it’s training methods and procedures. It has Valuable advice given by world renowned Experts of Martial Arts and child development.

Q) Who is this Web Site for?

A) Anyone looking for information on the values, benefits of Martial Arts it’s learning process and procedures can benefit from this website.
However this website was specially designed for parents of young Martial Arts students who are Members of MAPA.

Q) Can we get Belt ranking by following what is in this site?

A) Sorry No, this is not a curriculum site. However you will find great training ideas and Martial Arts techniques to help you improve and enhance your and your child’s skills.
In the near future we also intend to add school and style specific curriculum sections.

Q) Does this site follow a particular Martial Arts Style or System?

A) No there is no one particular style or system that is fallowed, all the content is universal and can be applied to most styles. Our objective is to provide you with good Martial Arts training methods unbiased of any one particular style or system.
However like we had stayed above that we are planning to add a school and style based curriculum section to this site.