Our Mission & Vision


The visionaries of MAPA had one glorious dream of uniting every parent and student of martial arts globally. There was a compelling need for a solution to the problem! And hence, MAPA came to reality! MAPA was initiated on the core belief of connecting martial arts parents and students; affirming a greater understanding of martial arts’ attributes, benefits, and value globally among the masses!

Only a comprehensive, and an easily accessible resource could resolve the arising the need of bridging the gap. And so Martial Arts Parents Association was brought in to picture!


MAPA is a one stop solution for both parents and students in pursuit of martial arts. MAPA is globally helping people by elevating the overall experience not for only students of Martials Arts, but parents in specific! At MAPA, we are striving to provide detailed information in form of an extensive video library that formulates up to a sufficient go-to resource for every martial arts’ parent and student across the Globe!

We bring the parents appropriate and adequate information, to help them better understand the process of how their child would be learning and benefiting from the prowess of martial arts! We aspire to educate, inspire and better connect you with your child, and make the whole journey a memorable one.

We feel great responsibility in assisting parents and students of martial arts. And feel great pride and integrity in what we believe in, and what we’re striving for; to achieve a more resonating martial arts’ community!