Parents as a Coach

MAPA was created for one paramount reason: to help parents better understand martial arts and henceforth be able to efficiently assist their children pursuing it. MAPA was conceptualized to educate and familiarize parents and their children with the characteristics, benefits and true value of the

All type of parents are primarily focused on what MAPA is, our objective is to maintain an absolute level of mutual understanding between Martial Arts’ students and their parents. We want to enrich and elevate the journey experience that you undertake with your child. It is best advised for parents to get a parent coach certification. As it provides parents a legitimate card to play with. Your kid would respect you for your expertise, and would have complete faith in you during the practice sessions together. Or even, during mentoring sessions and uplifting spirits your child would have outright faith in you, as his mentor at home.

There may come a time when your child might want to quit Martial Arts, or that your child may feel out of place due to certain reasons. This is the most crucial phase where you quitting on your child would be absolutely drastic. If you quit on your children they would feel worthless and would want to quit at everything in life.

You need to make their dreams your dreams, and their priorities your priorities if you wish to see them succeed in life. At MAPA, we hold ourselves responsible for making the challenging process easier for you!

The community is torn between three types of parents with children pursuing martial arts.

“There are the parents that get excited and keep encouraging their kids, irrespective of how well learned they are in the martial arts.”

“Then there are parents who are unaware of the recreation, and are involved limitedly to just picking and dropping their kids to the institutes.”

“Then there is the third category, which is the most unfortunate of the group. There are the ones that have no clue as to what their kids do and achieve every passing day.”

MAPA wants to minimize the bridging gap between such parents. We want to involve every individual,be it a parent or a child pursuing martial arts, and simplify the process for them. By doing so, we want them to live up to each and every moment of the journey that they take on.

Every parent and every student of martial arts could access MAPA across the globe, and just a click away!